First day of ScifiMonth!

I have quite a lot of Scifi books I want to read. I’ve already started C. J. Cherryh’s Foreigner. I also have the next book, Invader. Of course, I have still unread Star Trek books. Among them are Jeffrey Lang’s Immortal Coil ST:TNG book centering on Data and DS9 Avatar duology by S. D. Perry which I’m finally planning to read.

Audible has Jack Vance’s sword and planet/ Science Fantasy series Planet of Adventure books in a single bundle so I bought that. So, my next audio book will be City of the Chasch. Apparently, they were inspired by Burroughs’s Barsoom books so I’m eager to try them. Although I’m not so keen on reading about the female characters who no doubt will be stunningly beautiful, almost totally helpless, and will be either kidnapped or killed to motive the male characters. Possibly both. Bah.

On the comics front, I’m going to have some cheesy fun with Alien cross-overs. Green Lantern vs. Aliens and Superman vs. Aliens are probably going to have some way to get rid of the heroes’ powers, otherwise the slimy Aliens wouldn’t have a chance.
I’m also eager to see what scifi stuff other people are reading, watching, or playing.