Humble Bundle has Start a Series bundle for 12 more days. With one dollar you can get the first books in series from Andre Norton, Barbara Hambly, Dave Duncan, and Lynn Hightower. The second tier, with 8 dollars, you can get books from Greg Keyes (I loved the Age of Unreason series), Octavia Butler (Dawn! Another one I loved), Greg Bear, Katharine Kurtz, and four others. The final row, with 15 dollars has all those and a book from Liz Williams, Timothy Zahn, Fritz Lieber, Patricia Wrede, and others.

They also have a huge bundle for us table-top role players with 12 items (including two maps, a treasury for starting players, and a sourcebook for fantastical mounts) for just one dollar. Of course, the bigger bundles have lots of other goodies.

Storybundle has three bundles:

Urban fantasy for just a couple of more hours, Space travelers for seven days, and World Sci-fi for 21 days. These all look very tempting!