Collects X-Men: Legacy Vol. 1 #219–225. (2009)

Writer: Mike Carey
Artists: Scot Eaton, Phil Briones, Andrew Hennessy, Cam Smith

This collection starts with a one-shot where Charles Xavier is talking with his half-brother Cain Marko, also known as the Juggernaut. Cain tried Xavier’s way but got frustrated and left. Now, he’s taking his frustrations out on Xavier. The ending has a twist but I saw that one coming.

Most of the collection is a longer story. After the events of M-Day, Rogue has gone the Australian outback where the X-Men lived when the world thought that they were dead. She longs for solitude to get her head back together but instead, she gets an intruder who turns out to be Danger, the sentient Danger room. Also, a Shi’Ar starship crashes the party. Luckily, Xavier and Gambit had also come for Rogue.

In the final issue, Xavier goes after Exodus and his Acolytes. Alone. He confronts Exodus’ attitude and shows him how bleak the future of mutantkind can be without unity.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Rogue story, even though Xavier almost took it over with his own quest for redemption from his past misdeeds. Here we get a walk-through Rogue’s history and final learn that her powers might be messed up and that they could be repaired. This story is clearly aimed at those of us who have read the X-Men for a long time, since the flashbacks (single panels, really) are from the 1990s X-Men (some of the best ones IMHO). Of course, Rogue is one of my favorite characters ever so I’m happy see her handled this well.

However, the collection ends in a cliffhanger and the Finnish library system doesn’t have the next one. It leads to the Osborn Avengers storyline.