Collects All-New X-Men issues 11-15.
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, David Lafuente

The original X-Men (or their alternate timeline duplicates) are still trying to get used to the modern world and the history which they don’t know. Jean is struggling with her new-found telepathic powers, her upcoming (past?) fate, and then she finds out what Wanda Maximoff did to mutants and that she’s still an Avenger (personally I blame awful writers for that “event”). Meanwhile, a group of X-Men which has the five originals and Wolverine, is apparently robbing banks. And so the original X-Men are now wanted felons.

However, perhaps the most shocking development is that the young Warren (Angel) leaves the rest of the original group and join’s Cyclops’ team. Jean tries to force him to stay and gets a stern lecture from Kitty.

This collection has the awful Hank/Jean thing. Besides that, I also found the brief exchanges between Rachel and Jean… very bizarre. Rachel Summers (or Gray as she’s calling herself now) is the alternate reality child of Jean and Scott (she’s from the Days of the Future Past timeline). She was a major character in the X-Men and Excalibur comics for years and I was looking forward to her reaction and she getting to know her mother when Jean’s a teenager. They’re both telepaths, too. Instead… we get a couple of funny pages where they don’t even talk to each other?? This was a missed opportunity. But maybe Rachel is such a marginal character these days that Marvel doesn’t even bother with her? Too bad. Or maybe they talked in another X-Men comic? I think Rachel was in the “X-Men” comic at that time.

On the other hand, I again loved the adult Kitty training the teenaged X-Men. (Although Kitty in relationship with adult Bobby? I don’t remember that at all… In fact, I thought it was just a movies universe thing?? And isn’t she going to date Star-Lord soon? What?) I also loved Mystique’s scheme and was almost sorry to see it busted. We also get a couple of pages of Scott and Bobby just being teenagers, which was also funny. And so was Wolverine trying to herd cats… er teenaged X-Men.

So, overall the same quality as the first collection. Mostly it delivered fun and excitement but also some frustrations.