Collects BoP issues 109-112, 118.

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Nicola Scott, Doug Hazlewood, Jason Orfalas, David Cole

This collects Bedard’s first issues. It’s a collection of stand-alone stories.

In the first issue, Barbara and Dinah talk about the Green Arrow. Oliver has proposed to Dinah and Babs is trying to stop Dinah from making a huge mistake.
Meanwhile, Big Barda is learning to play… Pokemon! In a far more serious note, the Death of New Gods event starts to roll along, and the first casualty is Knockout. We see her with her girlfriend and then she’s dead.

The second issue focuses on Helena. The Huntress is working while Oracle is trying to persuade her to take another, very urgent job. This creates a very familiar contrast where Helena and Barbara talk about various things (in this case, about other members of the BoP and why they aren’t suitable for the job) while Helena takes down a group of men who have hijacked a school bus.

In the third issue the Calculator reappears. He goes to a computer con looking for info that will tell him who Oracle is. Barbara is at the came con with her own mission.

In the next issue, the Death of New Gods continues and this time Big Barda has died. The team goes to her funeral while Lady Blackhawk gives her own wake in a bar. However, two of Calculator’s goons are after her and she ends up hijacking a taxi (sort of) and driving almost across the country.

The final issue is 118 which appeared originally after the next collection (Metropolis or Dust) and it shows. Oracle and her team are now in California instead of Metropolis and apparently Misfit has been missing for a while. Also, a new character Black Alice appears and she already hates Misfit. In this story, they’re both captives in a fight ring which is lead by a metahuman who has some serious help from Darkseid’s minions. Granny Goodness has drugged Misfit and the other fighters so that they won’t use their powers to escape but to fight each other. Fortunately, Black Alice’s own medication seems to be working against the drug.

Unfortunately, she hates Misfit but has to convince her to use her teleporting powers to escape.

These are ok stories but nothing special. I don’t think I’ve ever read the Death of New Gods story so it’s pretty baffling to see the characters murdered, especially since I rather enjoyed Mr. Miracle in Big Barda in JLA and Birds. Still, I think Bedard has a good handle on the characters. Especially the interplay between Helena and Barbara in the second issue was great.