Top 5 Wednesday is GoodReads group where people discuss different bookish topic each week. This week, the Top 5 Wednesdays topic is Favorite Fandom Items.

Whether it’s something you own or something you are lusting after, what are some of your favorite fandom items/merch/memorabilia? Your picks don’t all have to be from the same fandom!

I have some fandom stuff:

1, shirts and other wearables
These are my favorite things and I have quite a few t-shirts: Wonder Woman, Star Trek: TNG, Marvel Heroes, Sandman, Iron Man suit, Phoenix… I’m hoping that at some point I’d have the money to get long sleeved shirts with fandom pictures because I can only use t-shirts part of the year here in Finland.

I also have Star Trek: TNG and Jedi Academy flat caps, and Batman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America socks.

2, games
Specially, board games. Galactica, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Marvel Legendary, DC card game… I have loads of these. Next, I want the Buffy board game!

I’ve also played some fandom computer games but today I’d have to have more powerful computer for the graphics alone.

3, posters and pictures
I have quite few of these too. Various Lord of the Rings posters, Star Trek: TNG cast photos (yep, I ordered these when the show was still running), Star Wars and X-Men posters…

4, mugs
I love to get new mugs. I have Wonder Woman, Avengers, Ancient Egypt, Batman & Robin, and three Star Wars mugs.

5, wall calendars
I used to have a fandom calendar for every year. LotR, Star Trek, Star Wars, even an Elfquest one year and a Buffy one. Last year I had a Marvel wall calendar. I also tend to save them and put some of the pictures on my walls. I haven’t found a good one for this year though: I think the only fandom calendar available here in Finland this year was Star Wars which had more pictures of the baddies than the heroes.

I also have a couple of action figures (Kara Thrase, Finn, Scarlet Witch, the Wasp, and Vision). I’m sometimes tempted to get more but they’re just too expensive.