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This month the theme is mothers.

Many of the mothers in fantasy (and science fiction) genres, especially in older books, tend to be absent, no matter if they’ve treated their kids well or badly.

Snow White’s mother
Is a prime example of them. As far we know, she was a good and kind mother, a good queen, and a good wife. But we never see her nor do we even know her name. The same goes for Cinderella’s mother, even though in some versions she was a good witch who tried to protect her daughter even after death.

The evil stepmother
Is the other side of the coin in many fairy tales. The fairy tale heroines are plagued by terrible stepmothers who can be also witches or sorceresses (such as Snow White’s stepmother) or not (such as Cinderella’s stepmother). They treat the heroine badly while treating their own daughters well, if they have offspring of their own.

However, these days we do have mother figures who aren’t so absent:
Briar Wilks by Cherie Priest
She’s a single mother because her husband is (presumed) dead. People hated her husband, Levitictus Blue, and so she and their teenaged son Zeke are friendless. When Zeke goes in to the zombie-infested Seattle to look for his father who is rumored to still be alive, Briar goes after him.

Toby Daye by Seanan McGuire
Although Toby has a teenaged daughter, she’s not in her life anymore, so we don’t really see Toby as a mother much. However, when Toby thinks about her daughter, she’s loving and sad. When she has to, she does everything she can to protect her daughter.

Amandine by Seanan McGuire
Toby’s mother is, in a word, terrible. Amandine is a very high-born elf and she hardly deigns to even notice Toby, except when Amandine wants something from Toby. That’s because Toby’s father is a human and therefore she’s merely a changeling half-breed.

Ista by Lois McMaster Bujold
In “the Curse of Chalion” Ista isn’t a prominent figure even though her children are. That’s because Ista is under a curse. However, she’s trying to protect her kids. Unfortunately, for years people have been assuming that she’s mad and treating her so. In “Paladin of Souls” Ista get her own life going. While she’s still a mother, her kids are grown and have their own lives.

Nanny Ogg by Terry Prachett
She’s the mother and grandmother of a whole clan of Oggs. We mostly see her commanding her offspring, their spouses and kids imperiously.

Carina Mitela by Alison Morton
Carina was originally just a girl who grew up is US. However, when she found her real birthright as a Roma Novan citizen, she moved there and even married a Roma Novan man. She’s an officer in the elite Praetorian Guard Special Forces but in the second book she’s also a mother. When she has to go undercover to expose a plot, her family’s well-being is one of the most important factors in that decision. She also has an awesome grandmother, Aurelia, who heads her whole politically powerful family.

However, I think that the most memorable mothers are from comics:
Martha Kent
Perhaps the epitome of “good mother”, she raised Superman, together with Jonathan. She clearly has a very firm sense of morals, and is an understanding and caring mother.

May Parker
Even though May doesn’t have kids of her own, she (and Ben) raised young Peter after his parents died. She’s still around and looking after him even when he’s now an adult.

And I couldn’t end this list without:

Joyce Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Before she knew that Buffy was the Slayer, she had hard time with Buffy’s mysterious comings and goings. However, when she did learn about Buffy’s destiny, she supported her.