Top 5 Wednesday is GoodReads group where people discuss different bookish topic each week. This week, the Top 5 Wednesdays topic is favorite teachers/mentors.

I have a lot of favorite teachers, so it was hard to narrow it down to just five but here goes:

1, Merlin
According to many different writers, Merlin wasn’t just the court wizard of Arthur but also his mentor. Perhaps the best known is T. H. White’s “Once and Future King”. Also, in the Prince Valiant comic book series, Merlin teachers Valiant himself, mostly about chemistry but also psychology.

2, Toby Daye by Seanan McGuire
Right in the first book, Toby is given a squire to train. Initially she disliked Quentin but soon she became rather protective of him and us reader love him. And her.

3, Miss Havisham by Jasper Fford
In the Thursday Next, miss Havisham (yes, from Dickens) is an older and more experienced agent and she takes Thursday under her wing, teaching her how to be an effective Jurisfiction agent. They police fiction books.

4, Charles Xavier from the X-Men
Xavier is the ultimate mentor teaching a whole school full of young mutants how to use their powers, and giving them an otherwise rounded education, as well.

5, Tsering by Elizabeth Bear
She’s a tutor to magic users. However, she doesn’t have magical aptitude herself. She does know a lot about magic, both practical and theoretical. She also has life lessons to tell.