A stand-alone book which stars Catwoman and Batman. Not romantically.

Publication year: 1993
Format: print
Publisher: Warner Books
Page count: 196

Catwoman, Selina Kyle, must steal to survive. She doesn’t do it often and usually steals from local drug gangs, but she also has no qualms about it. Sometimes she runs into Batman but avoids him whenever she can. She lives with her cats in a small apartment, but is content in her life.

Rose is a local young woman who returns to meet the nuns who helps her away from a bad situation once. But when the nuns realize that Rose is afraid of cats, the contact Selina thinking that she will have a kitten which will sooth Rose. Unfortunately, when Selina shows up with a kitten, Rose is terrified of it. Selina’s curiosity is gets the better of her and she starts to investigate.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon warns Batman that a group of foreign people are buying and selling heavy armaments in Gotham. Higher ups are interested, and Gordon’s doesn’t want his own men getting caught in the middle. Batman promises to investigate, and the case seems to lead him to a very clever and manipulative man only known as the Connection. Along the way, Batman stumbles upon a man, Eddie Lobb, who collects illegal items made from tiger bones, skins, and other parts. Lobb believes that he will get the powers of a tiger spirit through them.

This story was written before various DC reboots which have changed Selina’s character quite a bit. This Selina isn’t a hero. Still, she definitely cares about not only cats but also wildlife: when she steals a lot of money, she donates most of it to Wilderness Warriors hoping they will do good with it. She doesn’t really care for other people; she’s definitely a loner with a tough past and inability to trust anyone. She doesn’t have any romantic thoughts about Batman; he is the vigilante who should be avoided. She doesn’t own much and prefers to live this way. It was interesting to see her get acquainted with a character who is pretty much the opposite of her and to work with that character. I also rather liked the nuns whose work was portrayed as an army against evil.

Lobb was a good villain for Selina. He’s ruthless and somewhat insane. Unfortunately, he’s just a lackey for the Connection. Even though the book’s description claims that the bat and the cat will team up that doesn’t happen. They almost have two separate storylines.