I’m going to join the Pick&Mix reading challenge for this year, too, with the goal of 20 books.

Since I’m also going to join Mount TBR challenge, for my print TBR books, I’m going to gather all the other books to Pick & Mix. Print books from library, or bought this year, audiobooks, and ebooks. Many, if not most of them, will be continuing series.

Books read:
1, Curtis Craddock: An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors
2, Jennifer Foehner Wells: Fluency
3, R. E. Stearns: Barbary Station
4, Elizabeth Moon: Marque and Reprisal
5, Robert Jackson Bennett: City of Miracles
6, Steven Brust: Vallista
7, Mercedes Lackey: Beauty and the Werewolf
8, Madeline Miller: The Song of Achilles
9, Martha Wells: All Systems Red
10, Jordanna Max Brosky: Olympus Bound
11, Katharine Neville: The Eight
12, Juliet Marillier: Dreamer’s Pool
13, Lois McMaster Bujold: Mira’s Last Dance
14, Lois McMaster Bujold: The Prisoner of Limnos
15, Tanya Huff: Fire’s Stone
16, Elizabeth Moon: Engaging the Enemy
17, Tracy Townsend: The Nine
18, Andy Weir: Artemis
19, Elizabeth Moon: Command Decision
20, Hannu Rajaniemi: Invisible Planets: collected fiction
21, Elizabeth Moon: Victory Conditions
22, James S. A. Corey: Leviathan Wakes
23, Richard Ellis Preston Jr: Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders
24, Genevieve Cogman: The Lost Plot
25, Diane Duane: Intellivore
26, Charles Pellegrino and George Zebrowski: Dyson Sphere
27, Juliet Marillier: Tower of Thorns
28, Nancy A. Collins: Right Hand Magic
29, Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith: Flash: the Haunting of Barry Allen
30, Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith: Arrow: A Generation of Vipers
31, J. Tullos Hennig: Greenwode
32, J.Y. Yang: The Black Tides of Heaven
33, James S. A. Corey: Caliban’s War
34, Juliet Marillier: Den of Wolves
35, S. P. Somtow: Do Comets Dream?
36, J.Y. Yang: Red Threads of Fortune
37, Seanan McGuire: Night and Silence
38, Anne Logston: Shadow
39, Greg Cox: Q-Space
40, Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Searching for the Fleet