In 2017 I reviewed 78 books and novellas. I read a couple of more novellas which I didn’t review and a bunch of short stories, too.
Genre-wise, I reviewed 2 steampunk books (which are listed as both sf and fantasy on Goodreads), 5 mysteries and thrillers, 1 non-fiction book, 34 science fiction books, and 37 fantasy books.

By author gender:
in steampunk 1 female author and 1 authored by a man and a woman
in thrillers/mysteries 1 male author and 4 females
in SF 15 males, 15 females, 2 authored by both a male and a female, 2 short story collections with both male and female authors. Includes 6 Star Trek: TNG and three Babylon 5 books.
in fantasy 11 males and 26 females

This outcome isn’t a surprise considering that I ended up listening almost all of Mercedes Lackey’s Five Hundred Kingdoms series, a bunch of SF books/novellas from Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and three books/novellas from Seanan McGuire.

I think this trend will continue because I’ve only read the first book in Marie Brennan’s Memoires of Lady Trent series (and I need some more dragons in my reading!) and I’m going to continue with Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta’s War series.

Reading challenges:
I took part in four challenges and completed them all.
Graphic novel challenge: originally, I aimed for the Modern age with 12. Ended up with 30 reviews.
Action heroine: originally aimed for 10. Ended up reviewing 31 books and comics.
Pick&mix: reviewed all 40 books.
Author, author: I chose four books from Brackett and four from Bear, and I reviewed them.
I also took part in Sci-fi experience, Vintage SF, and R.I.P. and reviewed at least 3 books for each.

On GoodReads my average score was 3,3 from 122 books, novellas, short stories, and comics that I graded in 2017. I gave only one book 5 stars (City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett). On the other hand, I gave 53 books and comics 4 stars, so I was very happy with most of my reading. 🙂 Only two comics received one star.

Overall, a good reading year!