The third book in the science fiction series.

Publication year: 2017
Format: ebook

In the previous book, Torchship Pilot, Mitchie, a spy and now a starship captain, used a secret to blackmail an entire nation, the Fusion, into the war against the AIs, called the Betrayers. It had to be done because otherwise the AIs would have wiped out humanity. However, the war is still far from over and Mitchie and her crew have been sent to the central Fusion world to gather more ships and troops needed in the war. Unfortunately, the secret has leaked out and is now leading into the destabilization of the Fusion worlds. Mitchie and her crew are caught in the middle. If they survive they still have the problem of getting the new, possibly unstable, government to send ships. Mitchie will use any weapon at her disposal to make sure she can complete her mission. Those weapons include sex and relationships.

Torchship Captain is a bit different from the previous books because most of the time Mitchie and her husband are engaged in national and international politics. In fact, when they are in danger, the situation can’t be solved with simple violence, but its far more complicated than that. Also, Mitchie has to do more very precise flying than any hand-to-hand combat.

The book has couple of explicit sex scenes but they are very much part of the plot and in character. Also, while Mitchie and her husband are happily married, they aren’t monogamous. Mitchie uses sex and relationships to manipulate the people around her. This makes her far more realistic spy than is usual in books and movies. She’s also willing to sacrifice anything to save her worlds, quite literally. I was surprised at first about some of her actions but they make sense given the situation and her dedication to her duty.

In the previous books, Mitchie was pretty much the only POV character but in this book there are several others, mainly her husband. Other secondary characters get their chance to shine, as well. Most notably, the young politician Guenivere Claret whom Mitchie manipulates pretty ruthlessly but who also is put into very tough situations, politically.

I enjoyed the whole story and this book tied up the most important loose threads together. There are clearly other stories to tell in this universe, though.