The second Babylon 5 book, set during the middle of the second season, between episodes “The Coming of Shadows” and “All Alone in the Night”.

Publication year: 1995
Format: print
Publisher: Boxtree
Page count: 278

Commander Susan Ivanova is the second in command of the huge space station Babylon 5. When she gets a message from J.D. Ortega, her flight instructor, she’s at first delighted because she hasn’t see him in years. But he tells her that he’s in trouble and on B5. He suggests a meeting but never shows up. Then his body is found and Ivanova doesn’t have an alibi for his time of death. Worse, J.D. is now a suspected terrorist and Earthdome sends their own investigative team to B5. The team leader Commander Wallace immediately suspects Ivanova of working with a terrorist and soon she’s relieved of duty. Ivanova is convinced that her former friend can’t be a terrorist, even though he is from Mars. She and chief of security Garibaldi investigate.

I’ve heard that this is a terrible book so I was rather pleasantly surprised. The characterization is pretty good. But it’s clearly written for fans of the show as not much time is spent explaining anything. I liked that. Ivanova and Garibaldi are the main characters and most of the rest of the human cast appears.
Despite being in the cover, G’Kar dosen’t appear and neither do the other aliens.

Ivanova had dedicate her whole life to her career, so faced with the possibility of dishonorable discharge or even accusations of terrorism, she isn’t happy, to say the least. However, Sheridan assigns her to a pilot duty which allows her some outlet for her frustrations and she investigates raider activity. Meanwhile, Garibaldi has to deal with the very disruptive and arrogant Commander Wallace who suspect anyone and everyone from Mars.

Good, quick B5 treat.