Collects Mighty Thor 5-12.

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artists: Russell Dauterman, Rafa Garres, Frazer Irving

The collection starts with a two-issue story. Dario Agger, the CEO of Roxxon oil, is making a deal with Loki to get better soldiers. The prince of lies in turn tells Dario a tale from the original (male) Thor’s youth. During the age of Vikings, Bodolf the Bold was a mighty chief but his might came from his prayers to Thor which summoned the Thunder God to fight by Bodolf’s side. But one day, in his pride Bodolf didn’t pray to Thor and Thor changed sides. Wanting revenge, Bodolf prayed to Loki who also answered him.

The story has two artists, one for past and one for present. It’s an interesting choice and their styles are very different from each other.

Then S.H.I.E.L.D. agents question Jane Foster: they believe that she’s Thor and for some reason they want to arrest her for that. Luckily, Agent Solomon interferes. Meanwhile, the most rich and powerful bad guys gather, and the Terminatrix kidnaps Agger. It turns out that if something happens to Agger the Roxxxon island will fall on New York City. So, Solomon and Thor have to find Agger and… save him.

The final issue explores the origins of Mjolnir. It’s been showing new powers and even personality which are clearly a retcon but it suites the new Thor. However, this was more an Odin tale.
I enjoyed this collection a lot. The two agents trying to expose Jane as Thor were hilarious and I don’t think they’re going to be long in Coulson’s organization. We also got a glimpse of old Thor in the first two issues. I’m not a huge fan of supervillains running the world, but together they are a formidable foe for Thor and even to each other, as we can see in this collection. Solomon and Thor work well together even though they could have personal issues. Also, there’s sub-plot about dark elves conquering light elves’ domain which will apparently lead to a bigger story.