Today, the topic for Top Ten Tuesdays is Best books I’ve read so far this year.

2017 reads are into a good start. Except for the rather disappointing Star Trek: TNG series, I’ve like pretty much everything I’ve read and I’ve gotten some awesome books:

1, Becky Chambers: A Closed and Common Orbit is a great continuation to The Long Way to the Small and Angry Planet even though/because it’s not a direct sequel. It’s also nominated for a Hugo this year!

2, Genevieve Cogman: The Burning Page is another great continuation to the series where magical librarians hop into various alternate timelines.

3, Lois McMaster Bujold: Penric and the Shaman is part of the wonderful, feel-good fantasy Penric series. It’s also nominated for a Hugo this year!

4, Ada Palmer: Too Like the Lighting is an awesome read from a new-to-me author. A great ideas science fiction with very good characters and extremely interesting setting. It’s also nominated for a Hugo this year!

5, Robert Jackson Bennett: City of Stairs: great and different fantasy with complex world-building and gripping characters.

6, Jim C. Hines: Revisionary is a wonderful ending to fun and funny series about magical librarians who can use (magical) objects from books.

7, Robert Jackson Bennett: City of Blades is a great, if somewhat depressing, continuation to City of Stairs set in a different city and with mostly different characters than in the first book.

8, Seanan McGuire: Indexing is a blend of police procedural and urban fantasy where a team from an US government agency tries to stop fairy tales from happening in modern world.

9, Mercedes Lackey: The Fairy Godmother also retells fairy tales but this time in a secondary world fantasy setting. Fun with a side order of romance.

10, N. K. Jemisin: The Fifth Season is set into a planet which is irregularly ravaged by volcanos and earthquakes so people try to survive as best they can.

I also read comics I quite liked, such as Mockingbird vol. 1: I can explain, X-Men: Inferno: Warzones, and Star Wars: Skywalker strikes vol. 1.