May is gone and Finland greeted June with… sleeting.
I ended up reading quite a lot of comics in May and the trend will continue. And I saw Wonder Woman! It’s not perfect (what movie is??) but I really enjoyed it and plan on seeing it again. Has anyone watched it in 3D?

I reviewed 7 books. I managed to complete my Pick&Mix challenge so I upgraded it to 40 books. I’ve also now completed my Graphic novel challenge and upgraded that to the next level, too.

Overall, May books weren’t as good as previous month’s books, though. Still it was hard to choose the best one between a Modesty Blaise adventure and Indexing.

1, Peter David: Double or nothing (p&m)
2, Seanan McGuire: Indexing
3, Michael Jan Friedman and Christie Golden: the First Virtue (p&m)
4, Glenn Song: The Mechanical Bird: A Tale of Two Ladies
5, Pierre Pevel: The Cardinal’s Blades (p&m)
6, C. Hope Clark: Lowcountry Bribe
7, Peter O’Donnell: A Taste for Death

But for nostalgia and sheer fun, I’ll choose:

I also read Marvel’s Secret Wars and several tie-ins to it. Next month, I’ll continue my Marvel reads with a few older selections and… more Secret Wars. What can I say: I really like alternate settings.

On the book (and novella) front, I’ll have to dig into the Hugo reads I haven’t read yet.