Where has April gone? It was still snowing here in Finland yesterday, but hopefully summer is coming.

I read and reviewed seven books:

1, Kerry Greenwood: Murder and Mendelssohn
2, Robert Jackson Bennett: City of Blades
3, Dan Koboldt: The Island Deception
4, Leigh Brackett: the Hounds of Skaith
5, Leigh Brackett: the Reavers of Skaith
6, John Vornholt: Quarantine
7, Anthea Sharp: The Dark Realm

I’ve now read all the Brackett books I have. They were also in my Author, Author reading challenge so I’ve read 4 out of 8 books for that. They were more brutal science fantasy, than I’m used to, but otherwise very exciting. I also read one book for the Pick & Mix challenge.

Fortunately, I enjoyed all of them and once again it’s hard to choose the most enjoyable book, especially since they were in different genres. A new (to me) Phryne Fisher mystery is always a delight but I’m going to have to go with City of Blades. The third book in the trilogy is out and fortunately I’ve heard that it’s just as good!

I read some comics, too, but didn’t review them. In May, I will dive into Marvel’s Secret Wars.