Today, the topic for Top Ten Tuesdays is Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book.

I’m a picky reader. 🙂 Indeed, it’s easier to make a list of things that will instantly make me not want to read a book. But below are some of my favorite things to read about:

1, Superheroes.
I’m a fan of superhero comics but I’d also like to get them in book format. But not superhero romance, no.

2, Female action heroes
When I started reading sf and fantasy, female main characters were rare. Even in a group (sometimes a large group) of characters females then to be rare, say, four or five males for one female. And the few women tended to be healers. So, now I tend to gravitate towards female action heroes, like Buffy, Xena, and Modesty Blaise. Unfortunately, most action heroines come with toxic romance so I’m careful to read the blurbs. If the dreaded R-word is present, the book needs very good reviews for me to touch it. And she can be a secondary character. In fact, some of the best female action heroes are sidekicks, such as Lena Greenwood in Jim C. Hines’ Libriomancer series.

3, Dragons
Like with female action heroes, I’ve learned to be cautious with dragons. Maybe too cautious. Now that the wonderful Temeraire series (from Naomi Novik) has ended, I need more dragons.

4, Elves
That’s right, I like elves! Although I’m more partial to Elfquest like elves than Tolkien, I’ll happily try any elf.

5, Author
Yup, names Lois McMaster Bujold, Steven Brust, Elizabeth Bear, and a few others always get me to pick up their book.

6, Part of a series
When I enjoy the characters, I want to read about them more than once.

7, Genres
I don’t read everything in these genres but in order to get me to look at a book it’s usually a fantasy, science fiction, historical mystery, or mystery. Or a historical non-fiction book.

8, Two enemies forced to work together
It’s especially good in a series where we’ve seen the two are fighting before. The situation could make them a grudgingly friends or hate each other more, either way, I’m enjoying it. An obvious example is Magneto working with X-Men.

9, Heist stories
There aren’t enough of these around, especially set in a fantasy or science fiction world.

10, Ancient civilizations
Be they Egypt, Greece, or a fantasy counterpart, something just draws me to them.