I’m going to try this round-up thing and see how it goes.

Both Andrea’s Vintage SF month and Carl’s Sci-fi Experience ended at the end of January. I read 4 books for the Vintage not-a-challenge and for the Experience I read 11 books and two comics. Once again, both events were very enjoyable. I’m already looking forward to them again!

Challenges: Pick&Mix: 4 books, Author! Author!: 2 books, Graphic novel: 2.

Books reviewed with a link to my review:
1, John Gregory Betancourt: Infection Star trek: TNG
2, Isaac Asimov: End of Eternity Star trek: TNG
3, Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Vectors
4, Leigh Brackett: The Sword of Rhiannon
5, Leigh Brackett: The Ginger Star
6, Kristine Kathryn Rusch: the Falls
7, Leigh Brackett ed.: The Best of Planet Stories #1
8, Emmi Itäranta: The Weaver/ The City of Woven Streets

I ended up reviewing 8 books in January so that was a very good start. Of course, the Leigh Brackett books were shorter than modern ones. Reading four much older books was an interesting experience. With Asimov’s End of Eternity I ended up so frustrated when he could think of Earth millions of years in the future, but not a single society were women would be actual human beings who matter rather than ornaments and sex objects. Brackett had a few more women, at least. But, as is usual in pulp, all her characters have very tightly defined roles. Then reading (or listening rather) Rusch’s Falls where women were space ship captains, police, and engineers was a relief. So, I don’t know how much “classics” I’m going to read in the future. Fortunately, I liked the Planet stories a lot.

I’ll certainly finish Brackett’s series later when I get through the books I might nominate for a Hugo. (This year I’m going to the Worldcon for the first time and I’m already excited!) So, the next month and a half I’ll be reading much newer stuff.

Best of the month: Fortunately, I liked most of the books I read in January so it’s hard to choose a favorite but I’m going with Rusch’s Falls.