A new book in the Diving universe! It’s set on a different planet and with different characters though, so it works as a stand-alone.

Publication year: 2016
Format: Audio
Running time: 11 hours and 48 minutes
Narrator: Flora Plumb

Frisket Falls in a giant waterfall near Sector Base E – 2, which is dependent on the Fleet. When the Fleet announces that they’re going to move on and close down the base, the people living there aren’t happy, even though the base will operate another 30 years. So, when Rajivk Agwu finds two pairs of shoes near the falls, he thinks that someone has killed themselves. He alerts the local search and rescue group who find clues that they could be dealing with a murder victim.

Meanwhile Bristol Iannaze is repairing an anacapa drive which is the only engine able to move people and space ships through fold space, through space and sometimes even through time. She notices a door slamming which means that someone unauthorized is in the secure laboratory with delicate equipment. And that shouldn’t be possible.

The story is told from many point-of-view characters. All of them are specialists on their own field, used to doing things their own way and with their own priorities. Now, their habits collide and they aren’t charitable towards each other. They all want results fast but the results also have to be reliable to their own exacting standards. So, most of them constantly berate each other as incompetents, but mostly in their own minds. This makes them, well, quite human. As a mystery, this structure works very well, at least for me. I’ve read her SF with multiple POV books before but for those who haven’t, the transition from the Boss stories which are written in first person could be jarring.

Unfortunately, the many POV characters also means that some information is repeated, especially at the beginning.

The city and the base are a new setting, and they have a complex relationship with each other. The Fleet takes care of the people and in return a city has sprung up around the base, with plenty of different kinds of people and professions. A very interesting setting.

I enjoyed this very much but it seems like a side story, not related to the main Boss stories.