Comic book based on the TV-show, collects issues 1-4. Alternate future with Borgs!

Writers: Brannon Braga, Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett
Artists: Joe Corroney, Matt Fillbach, Shawn Fillbach

Set after the end of TNG series with Riker and Troi aboard U.S.S. Titan and Data destroyed.

The story starts 500 years in the future where the Borg Queen and Locutus have just destroyed the last bit of Federation resistance. But some part of Picard still remains inside Locutus and he decides to destroy the Queen. He reminisces about the past and how he and Seven of Nine were reassimilated into the Collective.

In the “Now” part of the story, Picard is hearing the Borg in his head and then Federation sees increased Borg activity in several sectors. But this time the Borg have come to ask for help. It seems that they’ve gone to other dimensions but have brought back an enemy who is a threat to both the Borg and everyone else. So, they ask Picard for help. A couple of years ago, Seven agreed to infiltrate the Borg as a double agent and now she’s to work with the humans in order to neutralize the new threat. But can the Borg be trusted?

The story moves along fast and furious. Picard’s terror of the Borgs is almost the only character moment as the story focuses more on action. The action is exciting and we get time travel, too, which is usually a plus on my books.

Unfortunately, I had some issues with the storyline. It mixed some familiar concepts but doesn’t bring anything new; I pretty much knew how the story would end. Also, some of the characters have moved on from Enterprise-E but here they’re back in their familiar positions: Riker’s ship is damaged and he steps smoothly back into the shoes of Picard’s first officer (we don’t even see who his current first officer is), and Worf is back, too. We see only a glimpse of Seven and Picard together, even though it makes a lot of sense that as former Borgs they would bond over their shared experiences which others can’t understand. I would have loved to see more of them together and to see how their implied friendship developed. I also hugely disliked the ending.

So, Hive isn’t a perfect story but it’s a fun bit of fluff with the Borg.