Today the topic of Top ten Tuesdays is Character Names that I love.

I like a lot of names so it was hard to restric myself to just ten. For example, Pratchett has lots of great names.

1, Robin, from Robin Hood.
2, Aeryn Sun from the Farscape tv-show is a very impressive warrior woman and my current computer’s name.
3, Aliera e’Kieron from Steven Brust’s fantasy series. She’s also a very impressive warrior woman and my previous computer’s name.
4, October Daye is a half-fae detective and a knight. From Seanan McGuire’s fantasy series.
5, Thursday Next is a literary detective in Jasper Fforde’s funny books.
6, Esmeralda “Granny” Weatherwax, one of the three witches in Pratchett’s Discworld books.
7, Alexander the Great.
8, Victor von Doom. If I ever have to change my last name, I will be von Doom.
9, Temeraire the dragon by Naomi Novik.
10, Modesty Blaise, from O’Connell’s comics and books. She’s one of the best spies and martial artists in her world.