This is a collection of four fun Voyager comics.

False Colors
Writer: Nathan Archer
Artists: Jeffrey Moy, Philip Moy, W.C Carani

The Voyager encounters debris which could be from the Borg. Seven of Nine investigates and confirms that they are from the Borg. She also realizes that she’s receiving signals through her implants. But they’re not from the Borg. Still, they make her uneasy. The crew finds out that someone else is using Borg parts.

This was a fun story focusing on Seven who got to use her Borg side more than usual.

Avalon Rising
Writers: Janine Ellen Young, Doselle Young
Artist: David Roach
Tales of Captain Janeway and her crew have reached very human-like people who live in a mediaeval society. Tonight the people want to hear a tale about the Doctor.

The Doctor comes across Weylyn who is a troubled squire: a dragon has attacked his knight. The dragon attacks again but Weylyn and the Doctor manage to kill it. Unfortunately, it kills the knight. Also, some of the Doctor’s equipment are destroyed and he has to accept help from Weylyn.
Weylyn takes the Doctor to his liege and the Doctor finds out that Weylyn has been disgraced because he couldn’t defend his knight. It turns out that even though the knights talk about courage and honor, they are in reality ruthless and vicious. The Doctor tells tales about Starfleet and its “knights” to the young squire.
It’s sort of interesting to see the Voyager crew described for other people, but the story doesn’t have anything new.

Elite Force
Writer: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning
Artists: Jeffrey Moy, W. C. Carani
This story centers on a new minor character Ensign Munro. He’s from Elite Teams computer game which I haven’t played. He and four other ensigns are part of a Hazard Team which Janeway and Tuvok have put together in order to fight the Borg. They’re led by Lieutenant Foster.

The story starts with a training exercise where we find out that it’s very hard to think of assimilated crew members as the enemies. (No doubt the feeling is magnified in the stranded Voyager.) Munro fails to fire on his team which have been turned into Borg and loses the game. However, soon he and his team are called into real action when an unknown starship attacks the Voyager and pulls it and its crew out of normal space and into a place which is full of derelict ship… and a Borg cube which still has the energy to fight. They want to make Voyager into spare parts.

This was an interesting little tale. Unfortunately, since I don’t know the Hazard team members, it wasn’t really memorable.

Planet Killer
Writers: Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith
Artists: Robert Teranishi, Claude St. Aubin

It’s no surprise that the best story of the group comes from Rusch and Smith. It’s Voyager versus the Planet Killer from the original series. Voyager detects several solar systems empty of anything but debris from their planets. They follow the trail and find a machine destroying the planets. Harry Kim realizes that they’re facing the Planet Killer and they review Kirk’s files. But the old method doesn’t work and they have to improvise.
This is an intense story which I could see made into an episode. The story uses well the various strengths of the characters, such as Seven and the Doctor. The panel lay-out is also more imaginative and varied than in the other stories and the characters look like the actors.
An entertaining collection.