Part of the Star Trek comic bundle I bought from Humble Bundle.

Writers: Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
Artist: Igor Kordey

The story is set during the Dominion War. Starfleet is desperate for allies and the Enterprise-E has been sent to the Gorn Empire in hopes of getting a powerful military ally. However, the negations have stopped and no wonder: there has been a coup in the Gorn capital. The group which is now in power refuses to fear Starfleet and instead wants to crush humans.

Meanwhile, Riker has lead a group of engineers to a nearby Klingon outpost on Elkauron II. They are going there on a Klingon ship to enhance the outpost’s defenses. However, at the outpost Riker encounters a disgraced commander who tries to keep order among his bored men.

I’m not familiar with the Gorn so this wasn’t a nostalgia trip to me. The storylines are a bit predictable but in the spirit of Star Trek. The art is painting instead of the drawings I’m used to so at time it looked a bit strange. But the characters looked a lot like the actors which is always a bonus. The Gorn culture seemed interesting but we didn’t get much of it.

This was an ok read; nothing special but not terrible, either.