The second book in the delightful Thursday Next series. She’s a literary detective.

Publication year: 2003
Format: print
Page count: 375
Publisher: Hodder and Stougthon

Summarizing Fforde is like summarizing Pratchett: all the funny and delightful bits are left off. This is a sequel to “the Eyre Affair”. If you like the idea of people able to climb into a book, do yourself a favor and read it. It’s great fun.

In “Lost in a Good Book” Thursday has mostly settled into her new life except that she has to do PR for Special Operations. She’s not happy about it because Goliath and SpecOps are constantly limiting what she can say about her operation inside the “Jane Eyre”. Then lots of strange coincidences start to happen and the plot starts to roll. Oh, and an original Shakespeare play is discovered. Maybe.

This isn’t as fluffy as the first book but it’s still great fun. Thursday is introduced to Jurisfiction which is a great concept. “Great Expectations” is featured a lot but Fforde references a lot of words, just like in the first book.

Wonderful book for the most part. However, the main mystery was confusing and the reader has no chance of really working it out. I enjoyed it, but if you want to read a mystery in order to find out the culprit before the main character, you might not like this one. It also doesn’t really have an ending; it just stops. Fortunately, the next book is in the library. (I also think that I miss some of the jokes, since I’m not British. For example, England has a heavy cheese tax so the Welsh are smuggling cheese into England. Is Welsh cheese better? Worse? Or is it a joke about Welsh smuggling habits?)

Anyway it’s full of great quotes:

“Her majesty is one verb short of a sentence.”
“I could almost see common sense and denial fighting away at each other within her. In the end, denial won, as it so often does.”
“The universe always moves from an ordered state to a disordered one; that a glass may fall to the ground and shatter yet you never see a broken glass reassemble itself and then jump back on the table.”