Collects Loki, Agent of Asgard issues 6-10. Victor von Doom guest stars!

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Lee Garbett, Jorge Coelho

This ties-in with the Avengers & X-Men: Axis event. My expectations were very low as soon as I realized this but the issues turned out to be quite fun.

In the first two issues, Loki and Doom butt heads. Loki tries to apologize recent events to his only friend but Doom kidnaps him in the middle of it. Apparently, Doom is convinced that Loki will bring about the end of the world. And so is Valeria who is helping her uncle Doom. Meanwhile, the Red Skull’s hate brainwaves reach Latveria.

In the third issue, it comic is taken over by hero Loki, Agent of Axis! Loki and the Enchantress have turned into good guys and Loki even fights crime in Las Vegas. However, both former villains are very cold and condescending towards their former allies and former friends. So, they definitely behave like brainwashed people rather than heroes. Loki has convinced himself that he can now be a new person and avert his coming fate. This and the next issue happen during the event.

The last two issues deal with the consequences. The Odinson comes to Loki for a heart to heart talk. They almost reconcile but then Loki is forced to admit what he has done. The Odinson drags him to Asgardia for a judgement. And in the final issue the old Loki shows up.

There’s some light musing about the nature of heroes and villains in these issues. The first four are still quite light and fun but the final two issues turns the tables and leaves us with a tantalizing cliffhanger.

The Loki in this collection sees the whole Axis inversion as an opportunity to redeem himself. He even tries to make the Thor-turned-evil to see light again. While this is absurd and fun, it’s not the Loki we saw in Avengers issue 1. But all the time, the older Loki is watching and laughing. That doesn’t bode well for the younger Loki at all, especially in that final issue.

I’m a fan of alternate universes so it was quite fun to see the former villains following noble impulses. But I don’t agree that being a hero or a villain is simply which impulses are stronger in you. But of course I have to find out what happens next.