Collects Loki, Agent of Asgard issues 1-5.

Writer: Al Ewing
Artists: Lee Garbett

The old Loki, god of evil and mischief has died. A new, young Loki has born without the burden of evil. The All-Mother of Asgardia has struck a deal with him: for every mission he does to them, they’ll forget one of his past misdeeds. His first mission is to break into Avengers Tower… and stab Thor! Of course, things aren’t what they look like at the first glance.

His next mission is to bring back missing Asgardian people back to the All-Mother’s embrace. Specifically Lorelai, another mischief deity. On the way Loki meets an interesting human who can see through all likes.

This is a comic that’s all about fun and misdirection on the surface. But a subplot involves the older Loki and that leeches out some of the fun. One comic focuses on Sigurd, Asgard’s first hero, and his Sword of Truth. It retells his story from the Eddas. Sigurd, who is called the Ever-Glorious, but the narrator calls Sometime-Glorious, has a huge chip on his shoulder and is, of course, Loki’s enemy. He’s very much an ancient hero: slayer of dragons and bedder of maidens.

Overall this was a lot of fun, except that it ends quite darkly and has a dark subplot. I enjoyed Loki’s and Lorelei’s relationship and hope to see more of her. In this comic, she’s an accomplished thief who robs banks. Also, the stories use flashbacks quite a lot, so you have to actually pay attention to the story. There comic doesn’t have much violence, compared to the average superhero comic, which was a nice surprise. Instead there’s an Ocean’s Eleven vibe which I’m a sucker for.

On the down side, this Loki has a huge backstory. It’s explained (in a rather entertaining fashion) on the first page but it is rather convoluted. Apparently, I’ve missed his “young” stage after his resurrection.

I’m going to continue reading this one.