Collects the Mighty Thor vol.4 issues 1-5.

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artists: Russell Dauterman, Jorge Molina

Thor isn’t worthy of Mjolnir anymore and his enemies has heard of it, so they attack Earth. The ice giants are attacking Roxxon’s underwater base. However, it’s not an isolated incident; they want to conquer Midgard with their allies. They also want something that Roxxon has.

But the world has a new protector: the Goddess of Thunder. Not everyone is happy about it, Odin and Thor included. But she has picked up Mjolnir and is using it most effectively. But in the middle of her fight against the ice giants, Thor appears: he wants his hammer back.

Thor’s world has gone through upheavals in previous years and I haven’t been keeping up with them. (The last storyline I read was the God Butcher which I also rather liked.) So it came as a bit of surprise to see that Odin has been away so long that Asgard has changed into Asgardia ruled by three women: Freyja, Gaia, and Idunn. But now Odin is back and not happy with the changes at all. In the final issue of this collection, Odin tries to find out just who the new Thor is. And doesn’t succeed which enrages him further. Unfortunately, the GoodReads page spoils her identity.

I rather liked this new Thor. She’s, of course, heroic and tries her best. She also appears to know Thor and wants to live up to his legacy. I also found her and Thor’s confrontation appropriate: how it started and how it ended. I also liked how the others’ reacted to her: some with welcome (mostly female characters), some with outrage. We’re also shown (the old) Thor’s agony. Apparently, Fury whispered something in his ear which made him unworthy. I’d really liked to know what that was. Also, none of the Asgardians have been able to lift Mjolnir. This is especially a sore spot for Odin who thinks that the new Thor is a witch who has ensorcelled the hammer.

Overall I like this new direction and will continue to read more.