This turned out to be the first in a fantasy series where the Greek deities walk in modern times.

Publication year: 2016
Format: Audio
Running time: 15 hours and 28 minutes
Publisher: Audible
Narrators: Jordanna Max Brodsky and Robert Petkoff

Selene DiSilva protects women from the abusive males around them. She’s also the goddess Artemis who has rather declined in power during the centuries. She’s very aloof and has learned not to form friendships with mortals, so she lives with just her dog Hippolyta. When she finds the body of a murdered young woman in an ancient Greek religious garments, she decides to find her murderer. In the seventies, she used to be a police officer but had to give that up when she didn’t age, so she can’t be much around the police anymore. She isn’t even an official private detective even though she pretends to be. The Greeks didn’t practice human sacrifice and Selene is furious that someone has perverted their old rites.

Classics professor Theo Schultz is the former lover of the murdered women, Helen. Even though Helen has been engaged to another man for six months or so, Theo and Helen have still stayed friends. Her murder troubles him greatly and he, too, wants to find out what happened to her. Reluctantly, Selene realizes that she needs him and together they investigate.

I enjoyed this book for the most part. I really enjoyed the Greek gods and the Elusinian mysteries parts of the book as well as both of the main characters. Theo is a pop culture and classics nerd. At one time he mentions that he had talked about the similarities between Han Solo and Achilles for an hour. I would have loved to hear that apparently the other characters weren’t interested. He makes references to sci-fi and fantasy books and movies. As far as I can tell, he really knows a lot about the Ancient world and the myths. Of course, he thinks that the ancient gods aren’t real and never were. He’s quick to smile but also to anger. Selene is pretty much his opposite: a loner who doesn’t read nor go to movies. She frowns a lot and doesn’t really have a sense of humor. She’s had only one romantic partner in her life but I thought even that was strange for the Virgin Goddess. She also has her own moral code as the protector of women and children. They’re the two POV characters.

Some of the most powerful and best known Greek gods are still alive and kicking, although they’ve greatly weakened. Artemis’ twin Apollo is a rock musician and a minor celebrity while Hermes is a movie mogul. But some have faded away and the still existing deities fear that they will fade away, too, unless they find some way to boost their awareness. Nike is apparently doing well…

Unfortunately, while I liked the two characters, I didn’t really care for their romance. I also felt the ending was too neat.

Apparently there are now a lot of books with Greek deities in modern times. Are there any which aren’t YA or romance?