A Modesty Blaise adventure.

Publication year: 1976
Publication year of the Finnish translation: 1998
Translator: Jussi Nousiainen
Format: print
Page count: 300
Publisher of the Finnish translation: Otava

This time Modesty is kayaking in wilderness in US with her lover billionaire John Dall. Suddenly two men appear, heavily armed. They kill Dall’s and Modesty’s guide and try to kidnap them. However, Modesty manages to surprise them and kills them instead. But she doesn’t know who sent them or why.

Meanwhile, Willie’s friend Maude Tiller has gone through a traumatic mission. Maude is a female secret agent, working for Tarrant, and both Modesty and Willie care for her. Tarrant asks Willie to help her but she won’t let him.

But soon Modesty finds out that her old friend Danny Chavasse isn’t dead, like she thought, but was kidnapped three years ago. In fact, Danny and some other people are in a slave plantation in South America, forced to work for the pleasure of a madwoman. Of course, Modesty and Willie have to rescue him and the others. That, of course, is very hard.

It’s a Modesty adventure: lots of fantastic violence, some sex, some humor, and superheroic Modesty and Willie in action. If you like them and the previous adventures, you’re likely to like this one, too. However, this story doesn’t have any new elements so it might feel repetitive. But it does have several recurring characters whom I enjoyed a lot. In addition to John Dall and Maude, there’s Steve Collier and his wife.

Maude is another action heroine but she a more normal person than Modesty. Still, Maude’s loyal, skilled, and determined. What’s not to like?

The treatment of rape is still problematic, tough. Once again, Modesty is put into a situation where she has to allow the enemies to use her body but she’s able to just shrug it off because of her mental powers. This is a trend and change from the comics which I hate. Otherwise, this an enjoyable action book.