Collects Excalibur 42-50.
Writer: Alan Davis
Artists: Alan Davis, Mark Farmer

When Claremont left Excalibur and Davis took over, he brought fun back into the title and also started to tie up the plots Claremont left unresolved. These stories have a lot of funny moments, even when another subplot deals with more serious matters, such as Meggan’s quest for her family. The interdimensional police force is especially funny with various Captain Britains from alternate dimensions. So is Technet. Kylun and Kurt’s first meeting was also very funny. This is one of the best Excalibur collections. In this collection, Davis ties up Roma’s manipulations, shows us some of Meggan’s past, and introduces new members, too. All of the issues are available from Marvel Unlimited.

The collection starts with a giggle when Technet attacks the team. The team (Captain Britain, Meggan, Shadowcat, Lockheed, Phoenix, and Nightcrawler) are rather tired from rescue efforts so a talking egg which changes into a talking chick takes them by surprise and blows up the lighthouse. But Horatio Cringebottom from the Ministry for Cross-time Transport Regulation Monitor and Control freezes the villains. Horatio and his engineer Bert have come to fix Widget so that he won’t jump in time anymore. Despite Kitty’s protestations they take Widget apart and put him back together. Horatio also gives a message to Gatecrasher: the Omniversal Majestrix has cancelled the search for Phoenix and exiled Technet to Earth. In response, Technet pleads Excalibur for help and Kurt allows them to stay in the lighthouse. And Kylun is introduced.

In the next issue, Technet has pretty much taken over the lighthouse and Brian is fed up with them. The aliens are supposed to repair the damages their bomb did to the building but unfortunately, they seem to be damaging it more. Brian’s frustrations boil over and he confronts Kurt about Kurt’s feeling about Meggan. It all descends into a fist fight, Meggan flying off, and the Omniversal Police Force kidnapping Brian to answer for his crimes. Also: lots of shirtless Brian!

In the next issue, Meggan is trying to get in touch with her past and Rachel is helping her. In Otherworld, Brian faces the accusations and is sentenced to death – still shirtless. Meanwhile, Scotland Yard Commander Thomas wants Excalibur’s help with series of burglaries which apparently have a supernatural element. However, since Kurt is the only team member in residence (Kitty has left to an archeological dig with Alistaire), there’s only one solution.

Issue 45 introduces the N-Men: Technet in new uniforms and Kurt leading them! Also, Kylun’s quest to free his world, Ee’rath, kicks into high gear.

The next issue focuses on Meggan and Rachel in Germany looking for Meggan’s family. Meggan finds some answers and Rachel realizes that keeping the Phoenix dormant heals her fragmented memory. Meanwhile, Kulyn’s tale takes a tragic turn: his lady love is killed by an evil mage Necrom. Kylun follows the villain to Excalibur’s lighthouse and we finally hear Kylun’s full story.

The next issue introduces Cerise, an alien warrior woman with light/energy powers and Brian confronts Roma. Also, the team hears that the Earth apparently has only 78 hours left to exist. This starts the countdown to the explosive issue 50.

In the next issue, Necrom kills a lot of people to get himself to full power. Meanwhile, Excalibur is looking a strategy in order to survive.

In the final issue it’s Excalibur against their ultimate foe!