Collects: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 1-4, Indiana Jones: Thunder in the Orient 1-6, Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold 1-4.
Writers: Hal Barwood, Noah Falstein, William Messner-Loebs, Dan Barry, Mike Richardson, Lee Marrs
Artists: Dan Barry, Karl Kesel, Dan Spiegel, Andy Mushynsky, Leo Durañona

This collection has three stories which are practically stand-alones. In the Fate of Atlantis, we’re introduced to a former archeologist, current swindle artist Sophia Hapgood who is also a major character in the second story. She seems to have some psychic powers.

The first one is apparently a video game put into a comic book form. Indy and Sophia are looking for the fabled Atlantis, looking for clues and orichalcum balls all around the world while Nazis are after them. This was a bit confusing to me because I didn’t really get the clues but I guess they’re described better in the game and nobody thought the readers haven’t played the game. (Steam seems to have it for just six euros… Anyone played it?)

In the second story, Indy, a small Indian boy Khamal, and Sophie are looking for scrolls left by Buddha. They travel around Asia looking for clues while a Japanese General is tracking them. He wants the scrolls so that Japan can rule Asia with them. This focuses very much on running around and ducking armies and has more violence than I expected. It also feels disjointed because of that running around. On the other hand, the secondary characters are better than in the first story. I particularly liked Khamal.

In the third story, Indy meets Francisca Uribe del Arco who is a guest lecturer at Barnett Collage. But instead of teaching students, Indy and Francisca head to Buenos Aires looking for Incan gold treasure. Mysterious people attack them along the way. This is the shortest one but it holds together much better than the previous two. It was also most fun to me with Indy breaking into a museum (gasp!).

All of the stories are pretty racists and the female characters are threatened with rape in all of them; which isn’t unusual for Indy adventure. Overall, I think the Young Indiana Jones series was much better than these stories.