Today the topic of Top 10 Tuesdays is Ten Of The Best Books I’ve Read Recently.

Happily, I’ve read these in recent months:
1, Catherynne M. Valente: The Habitation of the Blessed
I loved Valente’s Orphan’s Tales series. The Prester John duology seems to be just as good.

2, Kris Nelscott: Thin Walls
I also love Rusch’s historical mystery series set in 1960s overtly racist USA.

3, Judith Tarr: Queen of the Amazons
Alexander the Great and amazons!

4, Terry Pratchett: Hogfather
Christmas in Ankh-Morpok.

5, Emmi Itäranta: Memory of Water
A haunting dystopia book about a future where clean water is strictly rationed.

6, Jeff VanderMeer: Annihilation
I ended up liking the whole trilogy despite having some minor quibbles with the ending, but I liked the first book the best.

7, Lois McMaster Bujold: Penric’s Demon
Bujold’s new fantasy novella was charming.

8, Nancy Kress: The Probability Moon
The first book in her science fiction series has a fascinating alien culture.

9, Seanan McGuire: A Rose-Red Chain
The latest in the Toby Daye series isn’t the best in the series but it was very enjoyable.

10, N. K. Jemisin: The Shadowed Sun
The second book in the duology is vivid fantasy with deep, rich world-building.