The third and final book in the Southern reach horror/SF trilogy.

Publication year: 2014
Publication year of the Finnish translation: 2016
Translator: Einari Aaltonen
Format: print
Page count: 368
Publisher of the Finnish translation: Like

The final book answers some questions about Area X but not all. In fact, it can frustrate readers (like me) who want a resolution, rather than a story where the journey is more important than the destination. Still, it’s well written and has a creepy and wonderful atmosphere and very good characters.

This book is again somewhat different from the previous two. It has several point-of-view characters, mostly in third person. One is also written in the second person and one in first person. Some continue the story from the previous books but a couple show us the beginning, the people who lived on the place which became the mysterious Area X. We still get surprised about characters which have been in the previous books, which I rather liked. It’s also set in Area X which I loved.

I was sucked in quickly and read the book in just a few days.