Today the topic of Top 10 Tuesdays is Ten Books On My Spring TBR .

I’m concentrating on reading the books I already own and specifically completing the series I’ve started. So, the majority of the books I’ll be reading in spring and summer will be those.

1, Acceptance by Jeff Vandermeer
The third book in the Southern Reach horror/SF trilogy.

2, The Merchant of Dreams by Anne Lyle

3, The Prince of Lies by Anne Lyle
The second and the third books in her Elizabethian alternate history/fantasy trilogy

4, Last Day in Limbo by Peter O’Donnell

5, Dead Man’s Handle by Peter O’Donnell
The last two Modesty Blaise mysteries I own and haven’t read yet. I’m highly tempted to get the rest from the library.

6, Harbinger of the Storm by Aliette de Bodard

7, Master of the House of Darts by Aliette de Bodard
Her Aztec fantasy series books 2 and 3.

8, Dawn’s Early Light by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris
The next in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences steampunk series

9, The Drawing of the Dark by Timothy Powers
I’ve got one more Powers book in my shelves, still unread

10, The Folded World by Catherynne Valente
The second book in Dirge for Prester John series. I’m reading the first one right now. Valente is coming to Finncon, our only national large SF/F convention, in July so I’m reading some of her stuff before it. I’ve also really liked the books I’ve already read from her.