The first book in the Rust & Relics series. It’s a sci-fi adventure book.

Publication year: 2014
Format: Audio
Running time: 9 hours and 5 minutes
Publisher: Audible
Narrator: Nola Zandry

The main character, Delia, became an archelogy student partly because of Indiana Jones and I bought the book because of the same reason. While it wasn’t as good as the first or third Indy movie, it was entertaining enough.

Delia and her best friend Simon have a small firm and are trying to keep it floating. Simon has invented an app which helps them locate sites which could have archeological stuff to loot and sell. This time they’re in a cave in Arizona. But instead of anything to sell, they stumble onto a dead body. After getting out of the cave, they see that their expensive equipment has been stolen and only a couple of bikers are nearby.

After Delia and Simon have told the police about the body, they find out that a monster is killing people. And the strange bikers seem to be always on the scene when someone is killed.

This was marked as an urban fantasy book but it has sci-fi elements instead of magic.

Delia and Simon have known each other a long time. Simon is very geeky computer genius who talks about Star Trek (original series) episodes and some other sf and fantasy series all the time. He’s also very impulsive and a Native American. Delia’s family comes from Greece. She loves languages in addition to history. Her old friend Artemis, or Temi, is looking for a job and because she’s gorgeous Simon hires her even though they can’t afford it. Temi used to be a professional tennis player but after an accident she’s fallen into hard times. While Simon is very attracted to her, there isn’t time for anything to develop. (I’m not a romance reader so that was actually a relief to me.)

Overall this was fun and quick to listen. My main irritation was that for supposedly self-employed, and poor, people Delia and Simon were clueless about what’s lawful and what’s not. They also acted younger than their supposed ages. Their motivations are pretty whimsical. Also, unfortunately I didn’t like the reader. Her voice is breathy and sexy all the time so the action scenes felt a bit silly.

I really enjoyed the sci-fi twist, when it was revealed, tough.