Collects FF 18-23

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Nick Dragotta, Steve Epting, Chris Sotomayor, Chris Peter, Andé Araújo

Volume 4 collects a lot of one-shots. In the first issue, the FF kids are minded by Johnny. They get to have their first field trip – to the Negative Zone. But there’s trouble brewing and as the current monarch, Johnny has to tend to it.

In the next issue, the FF go to Wakanda in a companion piece to the two-issue Wakandan arch in the Fantastic Four. While Reed and Susan confront the magical part of Wakanda, the kids are riding around and having fun, until they come face-to-face with the infamous Hyena tribe.

The next couple of issues tie up dangling plotlines with Inhumans, and Johnny.

Then, it’s the little clone Bentley versus his “dad”, the adult Wizard. Wizard is convinced that his clones can never be anything else than little copies of him, destined to be an evil madman. Is he right and Bentley’s destiny is already written?

In the final issue, we return to adult Valerie and Franklin. In a bittersweet story they have to say goodbye to their family.

These issues tie up the Hickman run very nicely but they’re not essential to the storylines, unless of course the reader is interested in knowing what happened to Annihilus in the end or what happened with the Inhumans. However, they’re an entertaining bunch and less disjointed than the Fantastic Four volume 6.

The Future Foundation was a great idea and for the most part is was well written. There were a lot of kids, and adults, but most of them got a scene or two in every issue. The group had quite an interesting mix of kids. The most annoying one was Bentley and even he felt (still) adorable with his anger and assumed evilness. But Valerie started to creep me out more than a little bit. She’s only three years old and already reading, writing, and doing calculations better than Reed. She doesn’t really have a childhood; she’s like a small adult and is just frustrated when her parents tell her what she can’t do. Otherwise, I really liked Val and Franklin’s relationship. Overall, this was a good read and companion comic to Fantastic Four.