Collects Fantastic Four # 600-605

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Steve Epting, Paul Mounts, Rick Magyar, Mike Perkins, Nick Dragotta

Most of Hickman’s long-term plots come to an explosive, and cosmic, conclusion in this trade. Issue 600 is a double sized anniversary issue where the Avengers and the FF unite to defend the Earth from the Kree Empire, led by the reborn Supreme Intelligence. We also finally find out what happened to Johnny Storm. He returns and leads his own army against the Kree. However, the huge fight escalates further with the appearance of Galactus and the three Celestials!

So if you have read the earlier trades leading to this one, it’s the big payoff. If you haven’t… don’t start with this collection. It’s an excellent conclusion to the story. Pretty much the only I dislike is the brief appearance and disappearance of the Inhumans. I found them more distracting to the story than adding anything, especially since they’ve changed so much since I last saw them. But maybe that’ll change after I read War of Kings.

I very much enjoyed Johnny’s story this time around and would have loved to see more of his Light Brigade (but I don’t think they were seen much after this story). But I think that I disliked his quick reappearance the first time I read these, simply because his sacrifice was written so well that his return felt like cheapening it. Of course, he did die, several times.

In the final issue, 605, Reed and his dad travel to the future of Fantastic Four, the Future Foundation, and the Earth and we’re shown Ben’s startling future. It was clearly a cool off from the previous issues and an epilogue of sorts but I’m not sure if it really added much.