Collects FF 6-11

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Greg Toccini, Steve Epting, Barry Kitson

The first two issues concentrate on the Inhumans. They’re back from conquering the Kree Empire on the pages of War of Kings. Apparently, Black Bolt died during the limited series but now he’s back. He’s also changed because he wants to rule the Earth. The two issues have a different artist, Toccini, so they feel very different from the usual FF comics.

In the previous trade, the alternate universe Reeds were attacking the High Evolutionary’s Forever City and now Attilan interferes with that fight. And Reed and Peter, Reed’s dad Nathaniel and the villain gang are also fighting against the Reeds.

The fights look cool but there are a lot of characters and their motives aren’t told or are baffling. (Crystal is now married to Ronan the Accuser?? And she agrees to attack the other Inhumans??) It’s, of course, because this continues a storyline from the War of Kings trades and I haven’t read them. They’re available through Marvel Unlimited, though.

There are some intriguing things in this trade, too, but they’re set up for future stories. Doom’s, er, situation with an alternate Reed is a very interesting thing which happens late in the trade.

Sadly, a disappointing trade for those of us who haven’t read War of Kings and it ends with a cliffhanger (although of course the FF, Avengers, and the X-Men are going to kick Kree butt in the next issue). The storyline continues in Fantastic Four volume 5.