Collects FF 1-5

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Steve Epting, Barry Kitson

The storylines from the Fantastic Four continue here and they could be confusing to people who haven’t read the previous issues. In this trade, we find out what became from Val’s deal with Doom and what happened with the Reeds from alternate universes: they’re now running around in the main universe and apparently trying to wreck it in the name of greater good. This is all very exciting but I’m just not sure that destroying Earth in order to help other planets is really something Reed would do, so it seems a strange goal for the alternate Reeds.

But first, the fallen FF member gets a replacement: Spider-Man. However, I felt that Peter is here quite muted. Maybe the loss of a friend which is probably on his mind all the time does it. But he’s clearly not the main star there, the FF are. He just hangs around, not doing much.

The first issue ends with Doom teaming up with the FF. The rest of the team doesn’t want anything to do with him but Reed and Valeria force it to happen. Reed and Valeria also establish a council of villains which consists of the High Evolutionary, Diablo, the Mad Thinker and Wizard and his A. I. M. flunkies in addition to Doom. They’re supposed to give Reed advice on how to defeat the other Reeds. The problem with this, as Susan points out, is that the FF has defeated them many times so I’m not sure how they can be of assistance. But the snark level is high.

Frankly, after “Three” this is a bit of a let-down and not as entertaining. The storyline doesn’t end in five issues, either, but is just heating up. But we get Doom and Kristoff. And the Future Foundation kids who are always fun.