I had a great time with the Pick & Mix challenge last year. Worlds Without End is hosting Pick and Mix reading challenge this year again and I’m joining. This time I’ll use only my TBR books, in order to read more of them.

Do you find that your eclectic reading doesnt match the criteria for most challenges?Then the Pick and Mix is perfect for you,since any book on WWEnd’s award lists,book lists or series is suitable for addition.So if as a busy person you only read a dozen books a year,or you have decide to read all 40 of your Warhammer books lying around the house,or you get through a huge amount of reading,this is the place for you.

We gladly welcome any reviews or even just a brief comment about your reads on the Pick and Mix forum page and want you to feel free to make an occasional comment on interesting books others have added,as sharing our thoughts makes the whole reading experience more enjoyable. You can add as few or as many reviews to the WWEnd database as you desire

Challenge Details
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Challenge Span: December 2015 – December 2016

Reading Levels
Select your reading level below. You can adjust your level up or down at any time during the challenge.

one scoop = 10 books + 0 reviews
a carton = 20 books + 0 reviews
luxury choc-box = 40 books + 0 reviews
the whole sweet shop = 80 books + 0 reviews

I’m taking the luxury choc-box with 40 books. It’s a lot but hopefully I’ll get my TBR piles lowered that way.

Books read:
1, Nancy Kress: The Probability Sun
2, Judith Tarr: The Forgotten Suns
3, Nancy Kress: The Probability Space
4, Judith Tarr: Queen of the Amazons
5, N. K. Jemisin: The Shadowed Sun
6, Jeff VanderMeer: Authority
7, Anne Lyle: Merchant of Dreams
8, Jeff VanderMeer: Acceptance
9, Terry Pratchett: Raising Steam
10, Anne Lyle: The Prince of Lies
11, Lois McMaster Bujold: Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen
12, Patricia C. Wrede: Snow White and Rose Red
13, Judith Tarr: Bring Down the Sun
14, Catharine Asaro: The Phoenix Code
15, Sebastien de Castell: Traitor’s Blade
16, Joanna M. Harris: The Gospel of Loki
17, Aliette de Bodard: Harbinger of the Storm
18, Aliette de Bodard: Master of the House of Darts
19, Tim Powers: The Drawing of the Dark
20, Fritz Leiber: The Swords of Lankhmar
21, Becky Chambers: The Long Way to the Small, Angry Planet
22, Jasper Fforde: Lost in a Good Book
23, Catherynne M. Valente: Deathless
24, Jasper Fforde: The Well of Lost Plots
25, Adam Roberts: Salt
26, Tanya Huff: Sing the Four Quarters
27, Tanya Huff: Fifth Quarter
28, Nancy Kress: Crossfire
29, Fritz Leiber: Swords and Ice Magic
30, Jennifer Roberson: Sword-Dancer
31, Tim Powers: The Stress of Her Regard
32, Jennifer Roberson: Sword-Singer
33, Seanan McGuire: Once Broken Faith
34, Tanya Huff: Summon the Keeper
35, Tanya Huff: The Second Summoning
36, China Miéville: The City and the City
37, Kristine Kathryn Rusch ed.: Women of Futures Past: Classic Stories
38, Matthew Hughes: Majestrum
39, Timothy Zahn: Cobra
40, Tanya Huff: Long Hot Summoning