This was an excellent year: I completed all the challenges I took part in:

Pick & Mix: I read the required 10 books
R.I.P. X: I took part in the first challenge with 4 books: I read 8 books

Once Upon a Time IX: I joined again the first challenge with 5 books: I read 14 books and comics
Women of Genre: I read the required 10 new-to-me female SFF authors

New Authors challenge: I decided to read 15 new-to-me authors and ended up reading 24 in addition to the 10 above
Clocks, Cogs, and Mechanisms challenge: I took on the Flight Goggles level with minimum of 4 books and I read 9 steampunk books this year

Women reading challenge: I read 43 books authored by women
TBR challenge required 12 books and I read twice that: 24

Graphic novel and Manga challenge: I took on the Modern Age with 12 comics and completed the challeng with Bronze Age with 35 reviews
Just for Fun required 1 book each month and I completed that with 12 books.