Collects Fantastic Four # 574-578
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artists: Dale Eaglesham, Neil Edwards, Andrew Currie

All of the stories in this collection refer to the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby area, the earliest history of FF. (By the way: Marvel, only 4 issues in a collection? Man, that’s stingy!) They’re also setting up further stories in the future.

In the first issue, the Mole Man comes seeking for help from the FF. The High Evolutionary has a city underground, in the Mole Man’s kingdom. However, the Ascension Engine, which power’s the city, malfunctioned and started to warp the minds of everyone in the city. The High Evolutionary and his people fled, leaving the engine on. Now the city is rising to the surface and the Mole Man doesn’t want a war with the humans, so he asked for help.

In the next issue, the FF go to the Antarctica and do some underwater exploration.

Next up is the Blue Area of the Moon. The Inhuman city of Attilan has left. However, the Inhumans have formed an alliance with some other races and it all bodes trouble for Earth and the FF, particularly.

The last issue focuses on Johnny who has brought a date back to the Baxter Building. Unfortunately for him, the lady is far more interested in the Negative Zone portal… especially because she has some bugs inside her skin who are eager to go to the zone.

These are all really short pieces but they don’t have slugfests, instead they have FF exploring which I always love. Eaglesham’s art is stunning, especially in the underwater issue. My only complaint is the covers: in the first one (which is also the collection’s cover) Susan is being rescued by Reed and in the last one Susan is missing. Really? Haven’t we established already that Susan isn’t a damsel in distress and that she’s an integral part of the team? But inside she’s just as valuable member as the others and in the undewater issue she gets a very interesting new job.