Collects Fantastic Four #562-569

Writer: Mark Millar
Artists: Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, Andrew Currie, Matt Banning, Cam Smith

The collection starts with four smaller stories. The first is the funeral of the Invisible Woman, an epilog to the biggest story in the previous collection. Everyone gathers to honor the death of another Susan Richards and later Ben proposes to his girlfriend Debbie. Next is another one-shot “Mr. and Mrs. Thing” where people congratulate Ben and Debbie. Also, Debbie get a taste of what her life would be like married to a superhero.

Then we get a two-parter Christmas story set in Scotland. Reed brings his family and Ben and Debbie to Reed’s cousin to celebrate a more down to earth Christmas. At first, the town feels peaceful but that doesn’t last.

Next is four-part Master of Doom storyline which has been building during the previous issues. Doom has a master who has taught him everything he knows about evil and destruction. That master has taken a new apprentice and together they’ve destroyed countless alternate Earths and their Fantastic Fours. And now they’re coming to our Earth.

The final issue is the wedding of Ben and Debbie… sort of. We’ve had hints that something terrible will happen to her. I must admit that while I wasn’t surprised that Ben didn’t get married, I was surprised by the reason.

This was an entertaining collection but nothing new for the FF. I didn’t really buy the whole Doom’s master thing. The plot has plenty of action but a few holes as well and does seem out of character for Doom. Doom as an apprentice?! The ending was appropriate, though. We also get a brief glimpse into an alternate future which would have been very interesting if it hadn’t been wildly out of character for everyone involved.

Despite some great ideas Millar’s run was a bit “meh” to me in the end. I recommend John Byrne’s, Jonathan Hickman’s, and Matt Fraction’s runs for those interested in FF.