Today the topic of Top Ten Tuedays is Top 10 new-to-me authors 2015.

I read 32 new authors this year (+2 more I’m currently reading). Happily, none of them were terrible and most of them I’d read more of if I had infinite time (and funds).

1, Catherynne Valente
I loved her Orphan’s Tales duology. They have a structure reminiscent of 1001 Nights: tale within a tale. I’m definitely going to read more of her next year

2, Hannu Rajaniemi
I’ve already read his Quantum trilogy (starting with Quantum Thief) and I’m interested to see what he’s going to write next.

3, Judith Tarr
I loved his Alexander the Great story “Lord of the Two Lands” and I’d love to read more from her. However, this was an audio book and I didn’t care for the narrator. But I already have one of her SF books which I intend to read next.

4, Anne Lyle
Another author whose next books I already have on my shelves. The Alchemist of Souls was an alternate history/fantasy in Elizabethan England.

5, Carol Berg
I listened her stand-alone “Song of the Beast” and wasn’t blown away by it. However, many reviews I read mentioned that this was her least good book. I’ve gotten a couple of her other books and so far I’ve liked them more than that first one.

6, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
I really liked her Stone Age fantasy book and read its sequel.

7, Emmi Itäranta
Another new-to-me author from my native Finland. Her second book is out and hopefully I’ll get my hands on it soon.

8, Scott E. Tabert
I loved “A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk”.

9, John Yeoman
Yeoman gives advice to writers so his historical mystery series is twice as interesting. I got a review copy of the third in the series so I have to get the previous two at some point.

10, Joss Llewellyn
I really enjoyed the first Zelda Pryce book.

Decisions, decisions. So many good books and so little time…