An urban fantasy novella in Uncollected Anthology called Portals & Passageways.

Publication year: 2015
Format: ebook
Page count: 47
Publisher: WMG Publishing

I’ve previously encountered these three witches, who are sisters, in a novella in Fiction River: Hex in the City. I was very happy to read about them again.

Portia is a magical dramaturge in Yale. She’s also a witch and that’s mostly a secret. However, some people know and some can guess. An acquaintance from High School contacts Portia for help be-cause nobody else can help her. Genevieve Hill runs a non-profit theater group for disadvantaged kids in Chicago. It turns out that 50 youngsters have disappeared in the middle of a rehearsal of a play and left behind a lot of damages to Chicago’s best hall where they were going to perform. The police blame the kids for the damages and won’t even look for them. Gen needs help.

Portia and her sisters Viola and Rosalind are descended from the three witches in Hamlet. They work best together but they don’t even live in the same city but when Portia calls, they come quick-ly.

In this world, theatres are literally magic. Some plays and songs have portions of spells in them and the spells can affect the actors. Most theatres also have magical energy in them. Also, writing can be magical, too.

This was a fun story and pretty intense even though it’s short. Portia is pretty privileged and her eyes are somewhat opened for how the poorer people live. The sisters don’t always get along, they bicker but they’re all professionals and focused on the job; getting rid of evil magic and protecting people. In this world, technology and magic don’t mix well and only one of the sisters is able to carry a cell phone without breaking it quickly. This sets some interesting limits in a modern world.