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Fairy tales are real in fantasy land. They may seem like stories told to kids, but in fantasyland they are very, very real.

Indeed, some books and movies are based on retelling stories and then there are a few books where stories come true.

Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett. The three witches go to a far-away land and along the way to find out that stories are coming to life. And not in a cute and cuddly way.

An Artificial Night by Seanan McGuire. Blind Michael is a monster right out of a fairy tale. The book has also other fairy tale elements. It’s the third book in McGuire’s Toby Daye series.

The Princess books by Jim C. Hines, first book is “the Stepsister Scheme”. Princess Danielle, also known as Cinderella, has married her Prince Charming but the stepsisters want their revenge. Luckily, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White want to help Danielle.

Rose Daughter and Beauty by Robin McKinley are retellings of the Beauty and the Beast story.

One-Eyed Jack by Elizabeth Bear. Movies and TV-shows are modern day fairy tales and in this book the tropes used in them, more accurately in spy movies and shows, come to life.

Speaking of TV-shows, Once Upon a Time is an obvious choice. Snow White and Prince Charming and the whole other fairy tale gang in the mortal world. However, they seem to bring some of the fairy tale rules with them, namely “heroes always win” and “heroes get their happy endings”.

Fables the comic book also features fairy tale characters who have come to the mundane world. They’ve fled from the Enemy who has conquered their lands. Some of the main characters are Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf.