Collects X-Men Forever vol.2 issues 6-10

Writer: Chris Claremont
Artists: Mike Grell, Greg Adams, Tom Grummett, Ron Lim, Cory Hamscher, Nelson, Hennessy

The Marauders are back! Mr. Sinister is supposedly dead but isn’t. And he’s a different person in this world. He sends the cloned Marauders to get Scott’s son Nathan from the Summers’ Cove in Canada. Fortunately, the Starjammers, Havok, and Polaris are there to protect him. Wounded Corsair manages to teleport to the mansion and brings the X-Men to the fight, too.

One-handed, blind Sabertooth fights against his clone. But Mr. Sinister has another dirty trick up his sleeve: he’s also cloned Wolverine. Kitty faces him and during the battle the clone wounds her grievously. But she seems to have more and more of old Logan in her: besides being more bloodthirsty than ever and having one adamantium claw, Kitty now has a healing factor, sharper sense of smell, and manifests long claws in her left hand.

After the fight, Kitty, li’ Ro, Jean, and Gambit stay with Corsair while the rest return to the mansion. Jean is worried about Kitty who behaves more and more like Logan. She has nightmares about the clone and thinks in Japanese. She realizes that the clone Wolverine isn’t dead and that he’s gone to Japan, so Kitty follows him there. Ro and Lockheed have hidden in the shuttle which Kitty uses and so they come accidentally along.

The final issue in the collection is set in Japan. Clan Yashida and the assassin guild the Hand are now allies, as Kitty sees when skulking around the Yashida mansion. Then Wolverine attacks and chases Kitty, li’ Ro, and Lockheed around Japan. In the end, he’s defeated for now but Mariko Yashida, Wolverine’s former love, captures li’ Ro to use her as leverage. Mariko is now part of Consortium because Logan’s betrayal wounded her so deeply that she now wants to destroy all mutants. The Consortium wants to ally themselves with Ororo who is now the Queen of Wakanda, after T’Challa’s death. However, Ororo isn’t keen on working with people who have betrayed her. So, Mariko offers her little ‘Ro.

The collection ends in a cliffhanger.

Mr. Sinister is my least favorite X-Men enemy so I wasn’t happy to see him back. But I like the Marauders, the cloned Wolverine and Mariko so I ended up really liking this collection. Another subplot has Ghost Panther who is a new character in Genosha. This all leads to the next, and final, collection, where Ororo’s mystery is finally solved.