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Each Thursday, inspired by ‘The Tough Guide to Fantasyland’ we have in hand, we shall tour the mystical countryside looking for adventure and fun (and tropes) from all over fantasy.

This week’s topic is FORBIDDEN LOVE

Even in Fantasyland parents are not always happy with their children’s choice of partners.

Lots of fantasy books have forbidden love, especially romance fantasy and paranormal romance. Most of the forbidden couples belong to different races and vampires and werewolves are pretty popular, too. Also, the parents of some half-blood characters have experienced forbidden love, too.

Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot from the Arthurian Legends.

Tristan and Iseult from the Arthurian Legends: She’s the wife (or betrothed to) King Mark and Tristan is an ordinary knight.

Paris of Troy and Helen of Sparta from the Iliad.

Aragon and Arwen: He’s a human ranger and she’s a high born elf. Even though Arwen’s father Elrond is a half-elf himself, he strongly disapproves.

Buffy and Angel: She’s the vampire slayer and he’s a vampire with a soul.

Buffy and Spike: She’s a vampire slayer and he’s a vampire. Without a soul.

Princess Adele and her lover by Clay and Susan Griffith: Adele is a human and the princess of a nation which is fighting against vampires who have taken over the northern parts of the world. Her lover is a vampire.

Alex Croft and her lover by Kalayna Price: Alex is a human and a witch. Her lover turns out to be not only a fae and an assassin but he also belongs to a fae Queen.

Selene and Michael Corvin from the movie Underworld: Selene is a vampire and Michael is a vampire/lycan hybrid.

Amandine and Jonathan Daye from Seanan McGuire’s books: Amandine is an old and very high born fairy and Jonathan was a human. Their daughter is October Daye, the star of the books.

Princess Amnestria and Bran Skorlsun from Elaine Cunningham’s Forgotten Realms books: Amnestria was a princess of the Evermeet island and Bran a human ranger. Amnestria’s family disapproved so much that Amnestria was forced to leave her family and raise their daughter Arilyn Moonstone alone. Arilyn didn’t know anything about her grandparents.