A Hercule Poirot mystery.
Publication year: 1963
Format: Audio
Running time: 7 CDs
Narrator: Pekka Autiovuori
Publication year of the Finnish translation: 1957
Publisher of the Finnish translation: WSOY
Finnish translator: Eero Ahmavaara

Archeologist Dr. Leidner and his team are working in an archeological site near Hassanieh, the ancient Mesopotamia. However, the archeologist’s beautiful, new wife Louise is acting increasingly nervously and he hires a nurse to keep his wife company. The nurse in question is Amy Leatheran and she’s the first person narrator of the story.

When Amy comes to the site, she soon notices the strange atmosphere; everyone seems nervous and are snapping at each other. Then Mrs. Leidner confesses to her that she has gotten threatening letters from her first husband who supposedly died 15 years ago. Amy suspects that Dr. Leidner thinks that Louise herself has written the letters. Then, Mrs. Leidner is murdered and Hercule Poirot is called to the site.

Strangers were not seen on the site before the murder so that indicates that the murderer is someone from the team. The team includes a lot of people and they are all suspects. Mrs. Leidner was a controversial character who raised powerful emotions in both women and men so it’s starting to look like almost anyone of them could be the murderer.

Despite being set on an archeological dig, the story doesn’t include much information about archeology. Also, local people are also minimally included as servants. All significant characters are European.

I felt like there were a lot of characters this time and I sometimes had difficulty keeping them apart. The three young men especially seemed like they blended together. However, it could be that I just didn’t pay enough attention.

The mystery was complicated, as usual. My main suspect sifted a couple of times during the story and I wasn’t able to guess how it was done. Amy was a fun narrator, especially because she didn’t like Poirot at first and found him funny looking. She also constantly though of him as a foreigner.

A fun, easy to read mystery.